About Team-wise

Team-wise are specialists in developing individuals to be effective in team situations.


Over the years there have been a number of major changes in my understanding of teams and how to influence them. Perhaps the most signicant one was a time when I was in a team meeting and really wanted the meeting to go well but with the people there on that day and the content of the meeting it all went down hill. And during that meeting back then I found that I didn't have the skills to turn it round. That set me off on a mission to understand how teams work and how to influence them. From where I am now I can see the power of teams and have a much greater understanding of how to influence teams. To the extent that if I were back in that meeting now, things would be very different.

At the same time I reckon I have seen both ends of the training scale ranging from extended expensive training sessions that achieve little - to short, inexpensive interactions that achieve long lasting results. The aim is the latter to the extent that it is just possible that by you just reading this page, a chain of thinking has started that will lead to the result that you are seeking to achieve and it is just possible that training will not be part of that chain.


It's all about organisations and specifically, developing people to work in such a way as to make the organisation work better. That can apply to team leaders, team workers, managers and even customers.

There are a number of aspects to this, the knowledge relating to how teams work what the individual can do to influence what a team achieves, what's in it for the individual and how the individual can develop themself to achieve that end.

It is very pragmatic in that it works in the real world in the hands of real people.


Dave Wiseman set up Team-wise several years ago and continues to be fully involved in the business to this day. He is qualified in NLP, Myers Briggs, Training and Coaching. Most importantly he has worked in teams and run departments, felt the pain of getting it wrong and the delight in getting it right.