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A range of events designed to develop the individual to be more effective in team situations.

Team-wise offer a range of events to suit the needs of the individual and organisation:

Team building

Traditional team builds, fast moving and fun, existing work teams take on a series of challenges designed to test their team work whilst having great fun. Activities are typically indoors or lawn based and whilst they are active they are not physically challenging. Ativities are combined with short debriefs to get the individual team members focused on behaviours that will help them to be more effective in team situations. more >>


Very similar style to a team build but designed to develop individual beliefs, values and skills where they relate to being effective in team situations. Theory is combined with practical team scenarios and debriefs. more >>

Away Days

Working with existing and new teams to get the individuals focused and what they are there to achieve, what needs to be done and what they as individuals can contribute. Typically this takes the form of a facilitated team day though every session is designed to fit the needs of the team in question. more >>


Working 1:1 with individuals focusing on developing them to be more effective in their role. Typically takes the form of hour long weekly coaching sessions. more >>

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