The One Minute Apology
Ken Blanchard

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Reviewed by: Ben Dowman, Dowman Training. ISBN - 0007160062

This is a book about repairing relationships and asking for forgiveness with a central message about honesty and integrity. It contains some inspiring ideas and made me think about my values.

The book is the fictional story of a Young Man who is Chief Assistant to the President of a Large Company. The company has seen hard times recently and the President has not been open about mistakes made. In search of advice the Young Man visits the One Minute Manager and asks for help. “The toughest part of apologising is realising and admitting that you were wrong” advises The One Minute Manager. If you think about it you’ll discover that the core of most problems is the same, only the names, dates, and places change.

“At the core of most problems is a truth you don’t want to face”.

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